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Overview of shows

Road Safety Shows

Scraggley caterpillar http://youtu.be/xswSUo56vRY
Sgt. Jacko talks to Poorangi http://youtu.be/b0AFbkHUdto
Claude chases a ball on the road  http://youtu.be/p57-oq5I0_U
Bobby and Phoebe running by the road http://youtu.be/TNb7RZWNvZk
Consequences to property of our actions  http://youtu.be/u-q71whxuBQ
Fossack http://youtu.be/lJGX3KqcArc
Scraggley Butterfly http://youtu.be/7NzY6u4z5bM

Poorangi Pukeko Introduction

Road Safety shows

Wave takes off his Seat Belt http://youtu.be/ACldDkTCTjk
Rasta Rides his bike without a helmet http://youtu.be/tvrQJmX7hGY
Biliy Boarder causes an accident  http://youtu.be/231Hox3YGCM  
Lenny drives Dad’s car into the gully http://youtu.be/vNzTPSCpBeY  
10 Bus Rules  https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Possum Movie http://youtu.be/gFNWSXacvGM  

Posum Rapp http://youtu.be/KeF9-fma1Ko